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Hello and welcome! I’m Diana Zic.  I am someone who struggles with building my family and I understand trying to conceive can feel like a never ending stream of doctors’ appointments, medications, unpleasant procedures, and stressful waiting periods. 

If you’re a curious person like me, you may wonder if there is something I’m missing? Am I addressing my self as a whole, or just focusing on my blood work and numbers from the doctors? Could food, anxiety, and exercise play roles in my fertility health? Stemming from this curiosity, I began researching it, and the short answer is YES! There’s an entire branch of science devoted to this idea: Epigenetics. Not to mention, the effect these lifestyle habits have on our hormones.

Since, I’ve made it my mission to help guide and support women an men get to “why” behind the “what” may be causing their fertility imbalance.
Going through fertility struggles can feel alienating, stressful, confusing, and hopelessness in your body’s ability to conceive may develop. Through my personal journey, years of yoga studies, and lifestyle and wellness changes, I’ve learned that being informed how lifestyle can affect our bodies, having a plan, and having support has helped me to be more in control over of my body and mind and I want to share it with you in the hope of making your dream of creating a family a reality.


Learn more about my services in these interviews with Voyage Chicago or Shine Fertility!

Check out the latest study on how Yoga for Fertility can help anxiety!  Join me starting November 12th to try it for yourself.

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90 day one-on-one private session:

It takes at least 3 months to get your body in optimal health to produce a healthy egg and sperm. This program will help balance your hormones, stress, understand what your body is telling you, and learn how to optimize your fertility health with lifestyle considerations such as exercise, diet, complementary and alternative medical programs, career status, and other relevant issues which may impact fertility health.  Each person is unique so we discuss your current health situation. (Please see details on “work with me” page)
6-week one-on-one private session. A paired down version of the 90 day sessions. 

90 minute coaching session. Get one-on-one support and advice to get you started on your fertility journey.  We will focus on one area you feel needs the most attention. Sessions can be done in person (Chicagoland only), phone or video. I recommend meeting for the first session.
60 minute grocery store tour and/or pantry audit.  This is an amazing way to be sure you’re eating the fertility friendly foods that are best for you!  Often times we think we’re eating healthful and nutritious foods and after looking a little closer you may find you’re inadvertently missing out on some key ingredients.


See below what clients are saying about my services:
  •      "I was skeptical at first, but making small lifestyle changes has improved my sperm and overall health” - Jeremy W.
  • "I firmly believe the integration of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and nutrition were keys to my success with IVF. Not only did I feel less stress and more in control, my egg quality and quantity was always improved in cycles where I incorporated a holistic approach." - Erin J.
  • "I hired Diana Zic as my yoga instructor. She has a very pleasing personality and did not hurry me into anything. She took the time to understand where I was and worked with me on my specific needs."
    - Bindu
  • "I've taken classes with Diana several times and she consistently offers a great, meditative experience. She focuses letting go of worries for the time you are with her and provides a very calming influence. Corrections with form and pose are unobtrusive, supportive, and she is always mindful of your specific limitations and what is best for you. I highly recommend Zicyasa."
    -Elizabeth Tucker, Psy.D
  • "Diana was great!! She had such a positive attitude and the ability to run a room of various fitness levels while keeping everyone's interest no matter their knowledge of Yoga. I would highly recommend her as she was very flexible as our class was for women at a treatment center that weren't very aware of the art of yoga. I am looking forward to doing another class with her again!"
    -Joelle M.

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  • You Are Not Alone!
    "Infertility is more common than you think. About 1 in 8 couples have trouble getting pregnant, or sustaining pregnancy."
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