Chicagoland Fertility Focused Certified IIN Health & Wellness Coach, RYT & CPYT Yoga Instructor  

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  •      "I was skeptical at first, but making small lifestyle changes has improved my sperm and overall health."  
          - Jeremy W.

  • "I firmly believe the integration of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and nutrition were keys to my success with IVF. Not only did I feel less stress and more in control, my egg quality and quantity was always improved in cycles where I incorporated a holistic approach."
    - Erin J.
  • "I hired Diana Zic as my yoga instructor. She has a very pleasing personality and did not hurry me into anything. She took the time to understand where I was and worked with me on my specific needs."
    - Bindu
  • "I've taken classes with Diana several times and she consistently offers a great, meditative experience. She focuses letting go of worries for the time you are with her and provides a very calming influence. Corrections with form and pose are unobtrusive, supportive, and she is always mindful of your specific limitations and what is best for you. I highly recommend Zicyasa."
    -Elizabeth Tucker, Psy.D
  • "Diana was great!! She had such a positive attitude and the ability to run a room of various fitness levels while keeping everyone's interest no matter their knowledge of Yoga. I would highly recommend her as she was very flexible as our class was for women at a treatment center that weren't very aware of the art of yoga. I am looking forward to doing another class with her again!"
    -Joelle M.


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  • "Infertility is more common than you think. About 1 in 8 couples have trouble getting pregnant, or sustaining pregnancy."
As a Certified IIN Health Coach with a focus on fertility health, 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and 95 hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher, my mission is to create a supportive environment that enables men and women to speak freely about their fertility goals and through that dialogue create a program that is tailored to their unique situation. My objectives as a health coach are to educate the patient regarding self health management and to encourage patients in taking a more proactive role in staying healthy which ultimately help them increase their fertility. Fertility health is a complex and very unique situation, trying to address it with one treatment is too simplistic.

For most busy individuals, figuring out your fertility can be very frustrating, confusing, and stressful in an already stressful life. My approach is designed to help busy men and women find ways to improve their fertility by creating a support system for them wherever they are on their journey to becoming a parent.
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