Finding Yoga

For as long as I can remember I have been an active and health conscious person.  I can recall as a child going into the refrigerator and looking for vegetables when most of my friends were looking for Fruit Rolls-Ups (I had my fair share of those as well).  I recall always being outside running around with friends.  As I got older, I began taking group fitness classes at the gym, participating in local 5k runs, cycling the city or even taking my dog for a long walk as an easy day off.  After a lower back injury occurred in 2007 and little to no relief from physical therapy, I decided to try a yoga class. I soon realized I was missing an integral part in my daily regimen: yoga! I found yoga eased my body aches as well as soothed my racing mind. Over the last ten years, I have practiced Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, Hot Power, Restorative, Yinyoga and Forrest Yoga.

In 2011, I decided I wanted to learn more about this transformational experience and hoped to share it with other achy bodied, racing mind office workers. I completed the 200 hour certified yoga teacher training program at Equinox in its Pure Yoga program. Thereafter, I began teaching part-time in office environments, gyms, and private classes. In September 2015, I decided to  leave my paralegal career  behind to pursue teaching yoga and health coaching full-time and begin my  journey with The Institute for Integrated Nutrition.  I continue to broaden my yoga education by attending various trainings and workshops.  I am also a 95 hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher which has included Yoga for Fertility training.  Zicyasa style yoga is a slower flowing Vinyasa Yoga which encourages the students to find what works best for their bodies while using conscious-controlled breathing techniques to flow through the sequence.  I believe yoga can help everyone to become more familiar with their body and mind while getting closer to total well-being. 

Diana Zic in a Yoga Tree Pose
Diana at Cooking Class
Family Yoga Class
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