Valentine's Day, is it forced love in the air?

All I can think about is Valentine's Day thanks to the aggressive TV and internet ads flooding my space with what I "should do" for my significant other: jewelry, flowers, sportswear and cards. Ugh! Why do we need advertising to tell us when to send love to our significant other? Shouldn't we be expressing it every day, not just once a year? Due to the ads, it lead me to think of the significance of the heart physically and emotionally.

Recently, my dad had open heart surgery and it became quite apparent to me and my family how important of an organ our heart is and how uber important it is to have a heart healthy lifestyle.  (If your not sure what that is reach out to me!) Let's advertise more about heart healthy lifestyle on "heart day", right?!

On an emotional level, Valentine's Day can be a heart breaking day for someone without a partner.  I’m sure we've all been there once or twice before....OR, someone with a partner who isn't creative enough for them or doesn't have the funds for the present they want or expect; wreaking havoc on the holiday completely!

My suggestion this Valentine's Day wherever you are on the spectrum, focus on self-love rather than on how some one else or some object can make you happy; those are temporary.

Side note: If you're someone trying to have a child, practicing self-love on that journey is imperative!

I'll leave you with this quote from Lucille Ball “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”

What's your opinion on V-Day? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Until next time :)

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Has the Pressure of a "New Year, a New You" gotten to you yet? It's has me....

Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of a "New Year, a New You" to get yourself motivated to get rid of the old things, thoughts, people, etc. that weigh you down and focus on good things ahead; but if you're like me (Type A personality: impatient, outgoing, ambitious, aggressive, competitive) I want everything already done by now (February 1st) and be working on something new! I know crazy; I’m working on this ;) So, needless to say, my "New Year, a New You" is a large one! Grow my businesses (health coaching and yoga biz), get pregnant, network more, and, oh, make money so I can eat (exaggerating, but you get the picture)!

So if you’re like me, keep reading below for some tips on how I keep moving forward without losing my Sh$%. I hope it helps some of you Type A's out there! Also, a free 12 minute audio mediation I created for you to try!

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1. Keep eating well. It’s February and you may have fallen off the eating well bandwagon, but it’s not too late to get back on board! I truly believe you are what you eat. It’s so important for the mind and body to stay nourished with good foods! See my prior blog which can apply to people that aren’t trying to be fertile as well. Also, provides the 2016 Dirty Dozen.

2. Meditate. I know, I know, it’s quite the popular thing to say now, but it's real. Taking some quiet time each day to sift through your thoughts from the day really helps to clear the mind and keep the thoughts moving, think bad thoughts out positive in! Also, I find it helps me sleep better.

If you're someone who's trying to get prego (you or your partner) keeping stress at a minimum is best for the body. Meditation of all types has been known to help stressed out individuals. See study from the Mayo Clinic for more details:

Side note: If you're not ready for any of these options just yet, I recommend a meditation coloring book (yes, you can color as an adult, I won’t tell).

3. Set daily goals. If you're like me, you'll need guidance each day to keep you from getting stuck on one project or from trying to do too much in one day and being exhausted, or getting nothing done at all. My recommendation is choosing three goals/tasks that NEED to be done that day; once those are complete, feel free to add others. This should keep you focused and free from being overwhelmed before you even get started. (If you are having trouble, or want help, with setting goals, well, this is where my services can help you!)

4. Keep moving! Last but not least, exercising daily does wonders for our minds (of course our bodies too!). It helps to turn on the “happy chemicals” in our brains called endorphins. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere like myself, sun is limited this time of year, so exercising is a must to improve your mood. According to a study from Harvard Health Blog: “We are governed by circadian rhythms, our body’s natural clock that helps regulate important functions including sleep/wake cycles and mood. These rhythms can be thrown off by the winter season.”

What tools have you found to keep you sane while you're becoming the "New You"? I'd love to hear from you!

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