Is fear holding you back from the child you want?


As I sit and wait patiently for 40 minutes for a mid-cycle appointment (for those unfamiliar it’s a blood test and ultrasound appointment to see how see your hormones are reacting [this can be while medicated or not], and check to see how many follicles [immature eggs or oocyte] are being produced) at my specialist’s office, I am surrounded by several other women and men waiting and I can't help but have a stream of thoughts go through my head:

I wonder why these other women and men are here?
What treatment(s) have they done?
For how long have they been on their journey?
What has worked for them?
Have they tried other approaches?
Do they have a child or children?

As you can imagine, the vibe is pretty intense and almost no eye contact is ever made in the waiting rooms. It seems to me people are embarrassed and/or ashamed to be there; so, needless to say, I do not feel comfortable making polite conversation with them to ask these questions. Then, the most interesting question popped into my head, is it possible to become “attached” or “married” to your current treatment plan out of fear from moving on to the next step?

What I’m referring to when I speak of the next step may look different to each person. It may be trying different lifestyle changes to get fertile, a different fertility treatment, egg donor, sperm donor, adoption, surrogate or moving on completely? At what point do you move on to the next step in your journey and know and feel that it will be okay?

If you’re struggling with your next step(s) or know someone that needs guidance figuring out theirs contact me here!

As always, I’d love to hear your opinion on this topic in the comments section of this post or any topics that may help you in your fertility journey.

Until next time, or if you’re ready to discuss your next step :)

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