8 Days of Interviews: Day 2

Farah Ali, Clinical Psychologist at Collective Hope

Today we host Farah Ali, clinical psychologist at Collective Hope. I met Farah this year after she reached out to me to explore the emotional impact fertility has on women and the mind/body connection. She also works with men—because they’re 50% of this picture! She has a warm and caring vibe right away. As someone who has also struggled with fertility, Farah understands and knows firsthand the need for the support she has to offer.



About 8 Days of Interviews

Thank you for joining our 8 day interview series of experts in Chicago you must consult while trying to conceive. I started this project due to my personal experience of not feeling fully informed with all my options available to improve my fertility, not being prepared for the challenges I would have to face, and feeling completely out of control of my body.

It wasn’t until the last year and a half through my studies that I learned there are other approaches I can incorporate that have helped to improve my fertility health and improve my experience (alongside medical doctors, of course).

My hope for this series is to spread the message to as many people as possible that you can be more informed, prepared and therefore be more in control of your own fertility health and there are several tools out there and healers in Chicago that can help you on your path.

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