Chicago Fertility Specialists & Resources

Below are the people and things I respect and love and have used on my fertility journey.  They have helped nourish and support me in one way or another.


Please feel free to contact me with questions about any of them. My hopes are these people and recommendations help nourish you!




Birth Doula

Clinical Psychologists

Clinical Social Worker

Concierge Pediatrician and Breastfeeding Medicine Specialist


Group Yoga Classes (Prenatal, Fertility and Postnatal)

Healthy living and green beauty options - beauty products, household cleaners, & foods

Meditation tools

  • Free 12 minute meditation

Mentor/Support Group

Other Coaches


  • Eggology Club, All things egg freezing and back to help inspire, teach, educate women about egg preservation

Prenatal, Fertility & Postnatal Massages

Physical Therapy/Mercier Therapy

Reiki Healing

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