A Poem for the Trying-to-be-Mom Moms

As Mother's Day weekend quickly approaches and Father's Day not far behind that, I understand it can be SO hard to celebrate with family and friends when you’ve been struggling to conceive. (By the way, you don't have to force yourself to celebrate if you're not up to it.) Below is a poem I found on the Made for Mums website that had me tearing up but left me feeling very hopeful and positive thinking.  I hope you’ll find it comforting as well.

Also, please refer back to my holiday blog to see tips on staying well when things get tough. Click here if you need an objective/relatable ear to listen.

"With every tear that falls, there is a lost heart that calls.
It calls to say I'm here, don't despair, I will come to you
when the time is right, when you least expect me and through
the quiet night open your heart to me, accept me, I will be there
in the end.

Your wait may be long, you may get frustrated by the whole
ordeal. In the end I will be real. While others around you are
succeeding your heart goes on bleeding.

I would thank you for being patient, I would thank you for

being the kind of person who shows persistence. If it were not
for this, I may never get the chance to have an existence.
In the chaos of your day, the calm of your night, let your heart
soar and take flight.

For so many tears, for so many years you have been trying,

thinking of giving up but never doing it. In the end you just keep
on going in the hopes that I will come to you, the one who deserves me,
the one who can love me as no other can. You will be that mother that
you always wanted to be. Just you keep waiting for me."

    -unknown writer

I’d love to hear what you think about this poem in the comments section of this post and/or on any topics that may help you along in your fertility journey.

Contact me to learn how I can support you during your fertility journey; you don’t have to tackle this alone!

Until next time. Stay well.



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The poem is really nice which has wonderful meaning. I have read many poems like this at 7dollaressay website. Every mother felt like this when they about to conceive a baby.