It’s Fertility Tip Friday! Yoga talk this week.


Happy Friday! It’s a beautifully warm day in Chicago, so I hope those reading this in Chicago are outside reading it :)

Today I wanted to share one of my favorite yoga poses: Viparita Karani (Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose). This posture is a great pose for MANY reasons during this challenging time of your life.

  1. It’s a safe pose to do while going through the assisted reproductive treatment.  In fact, it can be a useful tool during ovulation to help encourage blood flow to the pelvic organs, help with bloating and cramping from medications and help with elimination.
  2. Helps promote sleep. Anytime my mind and/or body are restless I spend 10 minutes in this pose and I am ready to get some shut eye.
  3. This is a multi-purpose pose.  If you only have time for one pose a day I would recommend this one because it stretches your legs, spine, chest, arms, neck and can relieve low back pain. Basically, it refreshes the entire body.
  4. You can do it anywhere there’s a wall (or a chair if the wall isn’t appropriate). No need for a mat or any props, but if you have them great!
Try it out today!  

Reach out here for a complementary consultation to learn more about how yoga can help you during your fertility journey! Maybe a health coach and yoga are the missing pieces in your fertility puzzle?

Be well,

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Happy Friday Everyone, I hope you've had a great week so far.

I've been thinking a lot this week about how male fertility factors play a very important roll in the path to parenthood and how it's mostly pushed to the side; at least in my experience.  In fact according to the Mayo Clinic, 35-75% of couples having trouble conceiving has a male imbalance involved. As women we spend so much time getting ourselves prepared for pregnancy, so I thought I'd re-share my blog which has suggestions for men to implement while trying to prepare the healthiest sperm.

*Remember it takes several months to produce, mature and deliver sperm.

I'd love to hear from you about any tips that worked for you and your partner!

Reach out for support on your journey here!

Be well,

It's Fertility Tip Friday!

Happy Friday! I hope you had a fabulous week so far.

Today I'll share some facts about one of my favorite fertility smoothies.

Blueberry-Chocolate Smoothie: 

This smoothie is loaded with protein (20 grams). Studies have shown that a protein rich diet is necessary for good quality embryos and better egg quality. Blueberries are a great source of fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and said to protect and support uterine tissue. Antioxidants help to get rid of free radical damage in the body. It is said in Chinese medicine that cinnamon and ginger warm up the body (which is a good thing because we like to keep our bodies warm while trying to conceive) and are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Cinnamon also has been shown to balance out blood sugar. Raw cocoa powder is also known for it's high level of antioxidants and magnesium.

Reach out here for the recipe and/or sign-up for a complementary consultant today! Maybe a health coach is the missing piece in your fertility puzzle :)

Be well,

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To Drink or Not To Drink While Trying to Conceive: That is the Question.

Since I was legal age to drink (actually several years before legally being able to drink) I would drink for what seemed like any occasion. If something was going well, I’d drink; if something wasn’t going well, I’d drink; the weekend, I’d drink; if I was anxious, I’d drink. You get the picture. I grew up in the Southwest suburbs of Chicago and it was the norm to go out and drink for all occasions. I recall one time being sick and going out anyway and someone recommending a hot toddy to drink to cure my sickness. Ha! So, needless to say, when I moved to the city I took it with me and surrounded myself with people who enjoyed it as well. Most nights after work I would go to happy hour with colleagues, have wine with dinner when I got home, and more wine after dinner on most days of the week.

So, before I go any further I just want to state that I’m not knocking drinking in moderation, but I started wondering why I felt it was necessary for EVERY occasion and was it helping my fertility? The answer for me was no. It was too much sugar inflaming my gut and throwing my whole system off (i.e., digestion,  hormones and robing me of minerals). My theory is it becomes a way of coping with uncomfortable situations at times as well as a habitual thing, just doing it because that’s what I’ve always done. Also, there’s a bit of worry that things will change in certain relationships and I wasn’t ready to deal with it. Then, the worry of being labeled as a teetotaler, strange or boring because I’m not drinking. By the way, none of these things were reality! Just silly fears of change.

Over the past year or so I’ve been cleaning up my lifestyle which includes drinking less and paying closer attention to everything I put into my mouth because, believe it or not, what you consume affects your hormones which affects your fertility health. Now I realize that most of us were conceived after a drunken night out for our parents (I was one of them apparently) or maybe several of your friends have that story. But for some it may not be that easy and drinking may possibly be hindering your fertility by messing with your hormones if you’re consistently doing it.

If you want to know why letting the wine glass go more often while trying to conceive and find out how to become more fully fertile, reach out to schedule a free consultation.

If you think you have an alcohol addiction, please call your doctor or the local AA for support.

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